Short Moodle Tips

Short Moodle Tips

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Use a Moodle Forum

Looking for a way to hold a great online discussion between yourselves and your students?  Use the Moodle Forum activity!  As the teacher, you can post a question you want your students to discuss, and they can post their own ideas, or comment on their fellow students' ideas.  All posts are clearly marked with the student's name, date, and time; using a Moodle Forum activity also can reinforce your students' ability to write and express themselves clearly.

Use a Wiki to Share A Document

There is a unique tool in Moodle called a Wiki.  The Wiki tool allows a teacher to create a document that can be shared by their entire class; not only can it be shared, but it can be changed or edited by any member of the class.  It's sort of like taping a big piece of paper up on your bulletin board for students to write on!  Some teachers use Wikis for shared lists (for example, a sign up sheet for bringing items to a picnic), in which each student can input towards a final group goal.  Other teachers use Wikis to provide exercises to their students, so they can work in groups on a single project.  Do you have any Wiki ideas?  Feel free to share them with us!