Short Moodle Tips

Short Moodle Tips

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Let Your Students Vote on Your Moodle Page!

Its easy to create a Moodle activity in which your students vote between several choices you give them!  You can do this by using the CHOICE Activity in Moodle.  Not only can your students register their opinions, but you can then use the percentages your poll generates for further, more in-depth classroom discussion.  Find out how to create a CHOICE Activity for your students on your Moodle page by reading the tutorial....soon to come to our Moodle page called Tutorials for Moodle 2.7!

Linking to a Word Document

Instead of linking to a Word Document, consider copying that Word document's content, and then pasting that content into a Moodle Page activity.  Your content will open quicker for your students, eliminate any possible error messages for students, and relieve our Moodle server from the task of carrying your Word document around!

Log In Here.....Don't Miss the News!

How do you, your students, and your parents find your Moodle page?  Have everyone come to this page to log in, using the link in the upper right hand corner.  By coming here first, you, your students, and your parents will be sure to see all the great news updates, tips of the day, and meeting announcements we post here!  After they log in here, they can find your page by using the links on the left.  So don't provide a shortcut link directly to your page.....have everyone use our Front Page Log In, and stay up-to-date on our Diocesan Moodle happenings!