Short Moodle Tips

Short Moodle Tips

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Check Out Our Tutorials!

Is there something you don't know how to do on your Moodle page?  A question you might have?  A problem you need to solve?  Consult our Tutorials for Moodle 2.7, a huge group of step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish what you want to do in your classroom!  Use the link on the left before you LOG IN, and just follow the directions!

Create Easy Crossword Puzzles for Your Moodle Page!

Are you looking to create some fun crossword puzzles for your Moodle Page?  Look no further than Hot Potatoes, a free program that quickly and easily generates interactive activities like crossword puzzles, drag-and-drop matching questions, fill-in-the-blank exercises, and jumbled sentences activities!  Not only can your students do these activities right on your Moodle page....but Moodle will grade their results for you!  Coming soon to our Tutorials page.....Hot Potato Quizzes!

Create Writing Assignments for Your Students

Moodle makes it easy to build writing assignments for your students; whether a simple paragraph about what they did over the summer, a full-blown final research paper, to simple questions on a worksheet, Moodle's Assignment activity lets you quickly post questions or writing prompts.  Your students can see your directions, and simply type their answers into the provided textbox.  As the teacher, you can even grade them right in Moodle!  Check out our tutorial on how to use the Assignment tool on the page Tutorials for Moodle 2.7.