FALL SEMESTER (8.29.11 - 12.16.11) -or- SPRING SEMESTER ( 1.4.12 - 5.13.12 )
Welcome to our online class entitled "The History of Western Music I"! In this course we will examine the history of Western art music,beginning with the Medieval Period and finishing with the Baroque Period. Each of these musical periods could easily be the subject of a complete semester course of its own, but in this survey course, we'll be looking at these periods and their composers in a broader way. When you are finished working through this course you will have a much greater familiarity with the progression of music through history, and a representative sampling of the greatest composers and their best works. This course is designed as a semester-long course.

Jim Murray teaches in the Music Department at Lourdes College, Sylvania. Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in music education, along with a master’s degree in education.