Teacher and Administrator Moodle Update: 
April, 2017

New this year to our Moodle online educational offerings are the series of Mysterium Christi courses.  Usually these courses have been presented in traditional face-to-face sessions for teachers, administrators, and deacon candidates, but now Mysterium Christi can be found in a user-friendly online version!

The following courses are being offered online as part of Mysterium Christi:  Introduction to Scripture, Creed, Prayer and Sacraments, Catholic Moral Teaching, and Introduction to Catechetics.  If you are interested in pursuing any of these new online courses, please contact your local school administration for more details, or contact Jim Murray at the email address you can find on the right side of our page.

Also, our new DOLI Handbook is now available as a free download!  Our new Handbook lists all of the online courses available to students in our Catholic schools within the Diocese of Toledo.  You can find the link for the free download on the lower left hand corner of this page!