Teacher and Administrator Moodle Update: 
August 22, 2016

We have upgraded our version of Moodle to the most recent version, which is 3.1.  For teachers and students, you won't see much that looks new.....most of the improvements have come "behind the scenes."  If you do find a screen or procedure that confuses you, be sure to send an email to Jim Murray.  That email address can be found in a link on the right side of this page!

Attention all Diocesan High School Administrators, Guidance Counselors, Students, and Parents!  Our new DOLI Handbook for the academic year 2016 - 2017 is now published and available online!  Our handbook contains all the information you need about our DOLI online courses, which are available to any high school age student currently enrolled in one of our Catholic high schools in the Toledo Diocese!  Also, we once again offer an online version of Algebra I for any 8th grade student currently enrolled in one of our Diocesan elementary schools!  You can read and download your own copy of our 2016-17 DOLI Handbook by clicking the link you can find on the lower left side of this page. 

An important way in which we try to help our diocesan teachers is to provide free tutorial videos on Moodle and its tools.  You can find those free online tutorials by clicking on the Tutorials for Moodle 2.7 link you can find on the lower left hand side of this page.  We continually update those tutorials and add new ones so that teachers can see just how powerful Moodle can be in any grade level classroom.